Welcome to iff! Volume 3

The Short: 'iff!' is my personal daily drawing & text blog. The drawings are based on my daily adventures.

The Long: I've wanted to do some type of journal comic forever and a day. A while back, I decided to name it 'iff!' iff is a shorthand in math for "if and only if." iff implies a two way relationship, that is "A is true iff B is true" implies that if A is true, B is true, and if B is true, A is true. It's sort of a symbiotic relationship in a weird way.

Anyway at the end of 2007 I did an Hourly Comic for a couple of weeks. Once school started up I decided to continue drawing my silly little drawings, but I scaled back to one a day because of lack of time. It took me a while to sit down and code the site, so the first month or so of entries are backdated.

I realize I can't draw. I realize my life isn't always that interesting. The main purposes of this blog are
&bull to make me draw daily, and perhaps help me draw a little better
&bull to help me analyze my days and where they've gone right or wrong
&bull to share random things with people I don't get to see or talk to often

Also, yes the simplistic style is inspired by John Campbell. Yes I suck and mine don't look as nice as his. But it's still mine.

The Me:I've been doing the online journal thing since before I had ever heard the word 'blog' and I've stood in the aether that would eventually be called the blogosphere (not that I claim to have had played any significant role it it's construction.) I like technology, legos, fingerless gloves, spheres, Pi, ska, jazz, cats, and ciphers, among other things. My personal drawings are less about art and more about telling stories.